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Addressing Social Determinants of Healthcare

The majority of your health, not your healthcare, isn't determined by going to the doctor's office... and how often do people really go to the doctor? Really, it’s determined in your home, where you live, work, play, and where you are growing up. It’s determined by your status and your income as a person in the community and not in the healthcare world.– Dan Brillman, CEO of Unite Us

At Unite Us,

we connect health and social care, elevating social care to the same level as healthcare. While “social determinants of health” may be the terminology that carries the day, our solution builds on work that has been taking place in communities for decades. Social care and the community-based organizations (CBOs) that provide these critical services have long understood this connection to an individual’s health and well-being. Yet this sector has been underfunded, left to survive on philanthropic funding with little to no technological advancement, research or data, or accountability.

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