We’re focused on founders. Plain and simple.


We’re focused on founders. Plain and simple.


Scout Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital firm focused on creating asymmetric, outsized returns by investing in cutting edge early stage technology that supports the frontiers of Western technology.

Our seasoned team consists of mostly military service academy graduates who spent years in active military service and the Intelligence Community, as operators, and as entrepreneurs founding companies at the forefront of innovation in both government and civilian worlds.

We invest in dual-use technologies, which have both private sector commercial and public sector defense applications, and have also been successful in leveraging non-dilutive capital via our defense and national lab networks.

Our investments are driven by a shared mission of making the world a better, more secure place where innovation creates prosperity and peace of mind.

Dual-use experts

Deep experience across both government and commercial sectors interfacing with government non-dilutive capital programs for our portfolio companies.

Non-dilutive capital to equity ratio

Deep track record

Deep track record. Twenty years investing in early stage startups backing exceptional entrepreneurs from premier research labs as well as the military and intelligence communities.


Industry Relationships

Unparalleled network across defense and national security. Our experience doing venture deals in this community makes us a central node for deals in the network.

Connections in DoD
Deals cross our desk

History of Incubation

We helped build veteran-led UniteUs from scratch and were the first institutional investor. They recently completed two acquisitions and are valued at over $2.2B.

Founder Focused

We fund promising founders who exhibit the grit and vision needed to build strong companies. Our operations and venture partners specialize in helping early-stage companies build their client base and create robust organizations. Our team maintains frequent communication with founders to help guide them through difficult decisions.

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